About Us

Welcome to Leia’s Playworld!

We are a play-based learning toy store based in Singapore, founded by a pair of sisters. This store is named after our little toddler at home, Leia, who has inspired us to create different play worlds for her using different toys, books and materials.

Our interest in children’s play started because we were overwhelmed by the amount of battery-operated, loud toys with flashing lights available out there. At first, these toys may feel interesting and exciting but we realised that the novelty dies off really quickly as they tend to be one-dimensional since the rules of play are already set. Push the button and it will sing, how else can we play with it differently?

about us

"Play is the work of the child", said Dr. Maria Montessori. It's something we believe in too. Hence, we set out to find toys that can facilitate meaningful interactions, conversations and learning experiences. That’s when we discovered the beauty of simple open-ended toys that can be played in so many different ways. This means that the toys don’t ever get old, and can engage babies, toddlers and older kids.

This store is a culmination of our ongoing research about play-based learning and our hands-on experience playing with Leia. By sharing Leia’s playworld with you, we hope that you’ll be inspired to create playworlds (affordably!) that are guided by the interests and personalities of the little ones in your lives!

Oh, and why the owl? It’s Leia’s favourite animal!

owl motif