Caring for your wooden toys

Wood has antimicrobial compounds which give it antibacterial qualities. So, they are less likely to support growth and survival of germs in comparison to plastic toys.

3 simple tips from us in cleaning and caring for your wooden toys

  1. Natural cleaners: Dilute non-toxic multipurpose cleaners with water and ensure that your cloth is just slightly damp and not soaked. For toys that are coated with non-toxic water-based sealants/paints, some colour may run, but don't be alarmed, it's normal (that's why they are called water-based paints/sealants and are non-toxic)!  
  2. Be gentle: All the toys need is a quick wipe, then air dry or put them under indirect sun. Strong sunlight or prolonged heat exposure can lead to the colour fading and even cracking as strong heat weakens the integrity of natural wood. 
  3. Never soak or immerse wooden toys in water: Wood is porous so when immersed in water, they will bloat and this weakens the integrity of natural wood too.