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From the first heartbeat to the first cry; from the first steps to first words and meltdowns, parenthood is a journey of constant learning.

Journey toys is inspired by our growth as a mum and an aunt to our little bub. Our inspiration comes from the playworlds we build with our imagination, the stories we share, the places we go and the unconditional love that binds us during our journey on Earth.

Our First Collection: Space Life
because the sky is not the limit
A set of 8 wooden toys: Rocket, Astronaut, Alien, Shooting Star, Sun, Earth, Saturn, and Spaceship, launching tonight at 8pm. Comes with our journey toys drawstring bag for storage.

Small world play, pretend play or pair them with space-themed books for many hours of fun and learning. You can also extend the fun by downloading our hand-drawn printables to design your very own rocket or for some colouring and matching fun!

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